Crafted Consultation ^

My consultation practice utilizes 20+ years of design and website development experience to strengthen B2B & B2C relationships and establish new avenues of communication.

I advise on site accessibility and usability to provide clients with actionable information to improve content, user interactions and brand message clarity.

User experience [UX] and content recommendations, can include:

  • Layout, editing, imagery
  • Interactivity and user flow
  • Accessibility [WCAG, Section 508 Compliance]
  • Usability [W3C Standards]
  • Search engine optimization [SEO]


Design to Develop ^

Art is a powerful tool for communication, and is a prominent component of my day-to-day activities.

I design, illustrate, collage, create mockups and infographics for print and web. I retouch photos to preserve a slice of history. I paint & sculpt to embody free expression.

Original artwork and impactful, tailored design will always enhance a brand or website far greater than any stock art or ubiquitous template.

Designs for user interfaces [ UI ], personal brands and logos should encompass the user experience [ UX ] to create a cohesive and easily recognizable persona.

Code as Art ^

Successfully weaving design & development is an art — capable of connecting people across the globe to new ideas and information.

Stable, secure and tested code helps build trust in a site, which can strengthen relationships to attain online marketing objectives.

A focus to create usable and accessible sites not only opens information to otherwise disenfranchised groups, but helps maximize audience reach through the added benefit to search engine rankings.

Personalization & feature-rich content for niche markets increases opportunities to retain visitors and improve conversion rates.

Providing extensible and well-documented code, built on a strong foundation of best-practices, aids future development in the ever-changing marketplace.

Hollywood Reboot, illustration by Brent Pruitt
Hollywood Reboot, illustration by Brent Pruitt

Specializations ^

Theme & Plugin Development

Themes & customizations for popular CMS platforms, including:

  • Adobe Coldfusion
  • PHP / WordPress

Branding for third-party services such as: Marketo, SurveyMonkey, Perseus Survey Solutions/EFM, SalesForce, Axis LMS


API Development & Integrations

API development to provide authenticated transmission of data and services to customers & vendors

Integration of third-party APIs and aggregated feeds to provide feature-rich content


Frontend + Backend

  • ColdFusion / PHP
  • MySQL / MSSQL relational databases
  • HTML5, SVG
  • CSS3+ [ LESS / SASS ]
  • JavaScript [ ES7+, FW7, jQuery ]
  • Accessibility compliance & usability optimizations

Experienced with Agile, SCRUM, Iterative and Waterfall SDLC methodologies


    Connect ^

    How I may help?

    Whether your project is in the planning phase, in-progress, or extending and maintaining an existing site or brand, I’d like to discuss how I can assist.

    I am available to work remote, or in the Portland metro area.

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    Elsewhere Online

    Find me on Github, Behance & LinkedIn

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    @brentpruitt Behance
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    Helpful Considerations

    Any details, or questions you may have will give me a better sense of your needs. Here are a few suggestions that may spark the conversation:

    • Scope, type of project or services needed
    • Goals or deliverables
    • Desired timeline for completion
    • Long- or short-term engagement
    • Budget restrictions

    About Me ^

    Brent Pruitt :: Artist, Designer, Developer

    I have designed and developed brands & websites for over 20 years. In 2000, I founded Encipher Design Studio to consolidate and brand my freelance projects outside of agency work.

    I studied Film & Communications at Antioch College before settling in Portland, Oregon — by way of Atlanta, Georgia.

    In my downtime, I’m always working on an art project or two while hanging out with my cat — the company mascot.

    My cat, Dexter Fishpaw, dutifully watches me code.
    Dexter Fishpaw, Supervisor in Chief

    Clients ^

    I have been retained by individuals and companies from diverse industries to deliver carefully crafted art and web applications.

    In 2010, I was an integral member in developing service integrations with Marketo/Eloqua for Tripwire, Inc. which received the Eloqua Markie Award for excellence in marketing.